Upcoming Election Nov. 3

There are 2 City Council seats up for grabs this November. Mayor Alicia Weintraub’s seat and Fred Gaines‘ seat. He is not running again. Four candidates will by vying for those two seats.

The two new candidates who have filed to run are Peter Kraut and Susan Fredericks-Ploussard. Peter is a resident of Saratoga Hills and a Calabasas Planning Commissioner. Peter also sat on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) several years ago. Susan Fredericks-Ploussard is a dentist who has an impressive resume. She is passionate about the environment and preserving our city’s open spaces and quality of life for residents. A third candidate, Dennis Washburn, has also qualified to run again.

Mayor Alicia Weintraub is running to keep her seat for another 4 year term. She has done a very good job of responding to the concerns and issues of her constituents, and has been an effective leader in this Covid-9 Crisis.